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On Sunday Charlee did her first interview after the release of Bright White Trims. Pay special attention to the final answer. Looks like we have a mini EP to look forward to.

How would you classify your music?

I’m not really sure. It wasn’t until I heard Lorde for the first time on the radio that I truly identified with a type of sound. I’ve pulled so much inspiration from that sort of somber, melodically tame, lyrically driven pop sound that she created and so I must credit her for opening up that genre and publicizing the importance of writing what you know. Similarly, I grew up listening to Taylor Swift, marveling at the quality of music she was able to write at such a young age. But country was never really my flavor, though I did do an alternative rock album that I wrote primarily on my guitar, inspired by Taylor, which opened up a lot of doors creatively for me. I would say after stumbling blindly through that phase, the dreadful Garageband-lead techno phase that followed, and then the electro-pop phase that came after that, I eventually tripped into Mike Gonsolin’s home studio in West Hollywood, Trend Def, where we reinvented my sound, something that I have described as ambient pop up until recently when someone suggested that dream pop would be a more suitable label. Perhaps I should have just said pop and saved the explanation, though I think the term “pop” is exceptionally shallow and will never do justice describing the music it is typically associated with.

Who are some of your top 5 musical influences?

Taylor Swift, Troye Sivan, G-Eazy, Frou Frou, Lorde.

Charlee Remitz Interview With Vents Magazine