Charlee performed Bright White Trims all the way through for the first time on August 2nd at the Dragonfly in Los Angeles, CA.

Set List:

Fillin’ in for a Goddess
Bitches & Ladders
Stucco Houses
Juicebox Season
Cake Eater
King’s Cup

I would say she gained the most attention after the very abrupt entry of Bitches & Ladders into the lineup. It was to be expected that that one would be the one to solidify the audience’s approval.

Watch Charlee perform King’s Cup for the first time here: King’s Cup Live

Overall, a great performance, some issues with the in ear monitors and sound system, but our girl pushed through. Stronger numbers were King’s Cup, Juicebox Season, and Bitches & Ladders.

Let us know where you want to see her perform next!