October 10, 2016
You may not recognise the name ‘Charlee Remitz’ now, but we guarantee you- she’s one to watch!

We spoke to American singer-songwriter Charlee Remitz about her new EP (Saints Until Fridays), the songwriting process and her aspirations for the future!

AMPLIFY: Congratulations on your debut album, Saints Until Fridays! We love listening to it in the office! Tell us about it!
CHARLEE REMITZ: Thank you! It’s a new era. I love new eras!
Saints Until Fridays was a song. And then it was two songs. Three songs. Fine–let’s make it four songs. Well, no, four seems like an awkward number. Five. We’ll stop at five.
And we actually did. My producer, Mike, and I managed to stop at five. I’m deeply impressed with us.
I didn’t analyze the meaning of Saints Until Fridays until recently. And when I sat there, in the car, listening to it over and over, trying to forget I wrote it, I realized I had written an album based around something I do so terribly much of–wish time away.

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