These Veins EP Cover
A year ago today, Charlee Released her debut EP self-titled These Veins. Written and produced in part in Bozeman, MT and in part in Nashville, TN, These Veins is an intimate musical experience that many described as peaceful and natural. The EP was recorded in February of 2014 with the help of Todd, Tom, and Brett at their boutique studio, Zod Lounge, in the outskirts of Nashville, TN, where Remitz resided at the time. After a successful college radio run, the EP encouraged Charlee to continue her musical journey to LA with the legacy of These Veins fueling her fire.

Two of the EP’s songs, “Spoiled Rotten” and “Fly Home,” were used several times for the
E! network hit reality TV show, Total Divas.

A still from the "These Veins" music video From right: Melissa Banks, Charlee, Madisen Hueter, Bianca Hunter
A still from the “These Veins” music video
From right: Melissa Banks, Charlee, Madisen Hueter, Bianca Hunter

The lead single, “These Veins” was eventually accompanied by a music video directed, filmed, and edited by Studio Red. The video was filmed in Chicago, IL and Bozeman, MT and Remitz hoped it would show the love that she feels every time she listens to the song. Starring Remitz’s closest friends, Trae Roderick, Melissa Banks, Dani Vanderpan, Madisen Hueter, Abbie Remer, Becca Warwood, and Bianca Hunter, the These Veins music video was meant to illustrate the love that every part of this world carries even when you feel disassociated and lost. One of her greatest accomplishments, she said, was “getting all of her best friends in the same place at the same time.”

Remitz’s Personalize Description for “These Veins”:

I like to write music that is true and consistent with everyone. I believe that we are all fighting an inner battle and that we all struggle to win. I like to write about those struggles, to highlight the definition with which we all scrutinize ourselves. We are impossible beings trying to win impossible battles. It’s a beautiful fight.
I wrote this song about love. It’s a simple song, it flows peacefully. It isn’t forced, as I believe music shouldn’t be. It’s my work of art. I wrote this song to represent the universal idea that no matter what, my veins, your veins, this city, that city, this world, this universe, everything carries love.

Praise for These Veins:

“The songwriting is above average, with earthy tones, songs that naturally run their course not under duress, and a wide variety of sonic-ambient pop tidbits offering the bulk of what makes this 5 track EP so impactful and enjoyable.
The more you are emotionally in-tune with her messages and music, the more powerful her lament will become.”

Vents Magazine

“The vocal style of Remitz defiantly flows like a ship lost at sea, and I’ve only heard a handful of singers execute this style well in this type of music.”

Music Emissions

“Remitz delivers an impressive Mezzo Soprano and it fits together like a hand in glove. She fills the sonic space peacefully and unobtrusively. Their vocal style is cut from the cloth of Cocteau Twins (Elizabeth Frazier) Sarah McLaughlin, Lorde, and even The Cranberries. Sometimes she even reminds me a lot of Eddie Brickell.”

Indie Music Digest

“Charlee Remitz has taken a page from the script of many mega artists and turned it inside out, inside out and quite literally breathed a whole new life into this style of music. Instead of dated sounding songs and an obvious homage paid to the music and musical ideals of the past this is an action packed blast from the past that goes everywhere from hip hop, modern pop, dance/electronica, blues to psychedelic melodies that will inspire and suck you in.”

Indie Shark

“It is as if she begins the EP holding her considerable talents closely, like the wings of the angels she sings about, and as each track progresses, she is slowly unfurling those wings, displaying the true beauty and scope of her talents for the listener to behold.”

Rock n Roll View

“Starting things off straight away with Track 1 title track it’s an absolute appetizer with methodical movement, progressive Jazzed out Rock ambience, smooth melodic bass lines, and inviting synth melody that really sets the initial mood. All songs have a limitless feel that makes the world seem right but there is an invigorating sense of despair that your future might not look so bright as your past – but finding light in the darkness – hence the title of the CD reflects this maybe. This leads us right into one of my favorite tracks “Rap Gods”. It’s got more of a hypnotic vocal flow and lyrically a direct and harder approach, still with style and grace, as the tantalizing synth, drum, and piano tandems.”

Skope Magazine