To Tell You the Truth

“To Tell You the Truth is “What if?” in musical form. A brilliant shade of curiosity. A mystical world you frequent when someone enchants you. A love/hate moment you must cherish before, all too quickly, that enchanting “What if?” becomes “What now?”

The Leftovers

It’s okay to let heartbreak become you, but only for a moment or two. Because what’s left over is beautiful, raw, and untainted. It’s the sky right after the sun’s gone down, and nothing’s left but a cotton candy gradient. It’s wide open and gaping. And it stuns just as much as any kind of Love.


1,000 Ruined Holidays (ft. 24hrs)

Saints Until Fridays

Charlee’s second EP, Saints Until Fridays, featuring “1,000 Ruined Holidays” and “Chlorine,” became an instant college radio favorite, debuting in the Top 200.

Bright White Trims

Debut Album

Charlee Remitz’s highly anticipated, debut album is finally here. Download “Bright White Trims” now, featuring the single, “King’s Cup.” Known to write candidly and without creative limitation, Remitz does not disappoint in this eight-song tell-all. Finding a new sound has helped her identity flourish, complete with ambient tones and textures, Remitz has called her new album “the next best thing, and then some.”

King’s Cup

Debut Single

“Up-and-coming pop singer and songwriter from Bozeman, Montana Charlee Remitz has thrown her gloves in the ring and is already chasing her musical career, releasing her latest single called ‘King’s Cup‘, which comes complete with the official music video.”


Bitches & Ladders


“I’m a huge Hip Hop head but I have a very strong appreciation for the artistry involved with the creation and development of Pop artists. Charlee Remitz’s music is pure fire, the Lorde sounding instrumental combined with the catchy hook and super unique lyrics makes for a final product that leaves the listener in awe.”




Remitz released two promotional singles: “Bitches & Ladders” and “Routines” early this year and now, she’s back with another one called “King’s Up“. Great vocals, intense, quite infectious and explosive track. She’s a great artist and her music talks about real things: from family dynamics, to disillusionment with love and the party lifestyle, to calling out shady bitches.

-Ultimate Music

These Veins

“It is as if she begins the EP holding her considerable talents closely, like the wings of the angels she sings about, and as each track progresses, she is slowly unfurling those wings, displaying the true beauty and scope of her talents for the listener to behold.”

-Rock n Roll View