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About Bright White Trims

It’s kind of amazing how this concept came altogether. When I was writing the album, I didn’t know that I was going to name the project Bright White Trims. In fact, as far as the album went, it didn’t seem complete until every single song was done. Until I finished “Juicebox Season,” the album didn’t … Read More

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The Creation of Bright White Trims

I’m a bit of a recluse when it comes to writing music. I set my expectations for my music and myself so high, it’s hard to step back and not expect the same unrealistic perfection from others. I find it’s more exhausting to worry about their vision and work than it is to just create … Read More

King's Cup Cover

King’s Cup

He calls to me I go It’s peaceful how we flow I tumble with the border Cross every bridge alone   We dance between the lines I seek but I don’t find There’s chaos in the order I’m a part of every lie   You’re playin’ games like them kids playin’ King’s Cup Them empty … Read More

Fillin’ in for a Goddess

Sinister Sweet want me doin’ his flips he’s all baby please just one kiss see I know what gets him yeah I know them tricks ay He’s got a passcode like a 1 2 3 Every dude got that image on their mind some glitter on the lids and breath that’s got a bite say … Read More

Cake Eater

Daddy taught you man he taught ya good isn’t steppin’ one foot out your neighborhood Got your polos popped swag from the archives of a frat Got them word banks you reference when them kids talk back He grew an inch ay let’s all bow down doesn’t need no stool to reach his truck tires … Read More


I’ve been replaced by some busy body in the lobby she ain’t a whore cause you say she got some hobbies yeah you say she got some chores Zip your face into your coat everybody knows you is hollow and cold like them unpacked bowls   You bought a mansion with a roundabout filled the … Read More

Bitches & Ladders - Single

Bitches & Ladders

Now I’m not tryna name names but there some shady bitches ‘round this place Nah I’m not tryna name names but they know all about that Kool-aid   They’ll beg at the throne for it They love it they adore it When the packet’s hot baby them kids go crazy Don’t worry ‘bout me Let’s … Read More

Juice Box Season

Every morning I rise I have to blink life into my eyes I wake and shove a cap on it The floor is cold as shit Life is all pillows and spit p- p- pillows and spit   I drown my sorrows by eating out with my friends I spend too much then get drunk … Read More

Stucco Houses

We drive to stucco houses in Honda Civics We get in fights in yards with Frisbees and broken fences Hunchin’ over a stranger’s bowl until you finish Then eat some goldfish while I eat the vodka Swedish   We out here We shootin’ them Os like darts And baby girl’s blowin’ Os then snappin’ them … Read More

Routines Cover


Changing seasons Still stuck in limbo It’s harder than I thought Tryna find my way home I drum the same beat With every footfall And faking routines Driving with my eyes closed   I got a pattern but the pattern needs a fix I been drummin’ this line too long I like the system but … Read More