Saints Until Fridays wasn’t meant to be an album. I went into the studio to write the first track, “Valley Tantrums,” with my producer, and then found myself yearning to be back in the studio again working on an entire project. It went from being one song, to being two songs, to being three songs, to then I wanted it to be four songs, until finally I was like, let’s just do an entire EP.


I think Saints Until Fridays is sort of an exploration of the value of time and each of our present moments.


I forget.


I forget constantly how amazing this life of mine is. I’m where I wanted to be senior year of high school. But time goes about its usual business of dragging you to each place marker slowly until each “big deal” makes a tiny ripple, despite the seismic way it would’ve rocked my world back in high school. But I have found roots in the present moment. My producer, Mike, and I work together to realize our accomplishments, rather than letting them pass us. Rather than letting them be fleeting victories, we strive to let them impact us lastingly. And I think together, this album has brought us further into the only moment of our lives there is: this one.

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